Get your own International Yoga Teacher Certificate 200\500 hrs, in just a single weekend of work!

My 12 hours, 2 days intensive workshop formula: essensial yoga teaching tips + safety guidelines + online teaching and marketing advice + asana & pranayama practice exam = YTTC certification in 2 days!

Have a great time at the event and get your well deserved certificate during the next weekend. Start to teach next week, secure a steady income next month, travel the world next year.

Don't look no further for your YTTC, as there is wonderful opportunity near you!

- Alexey Sokolovskiy
RYT-500, international coach

Looking to gain an edge in teaching Yoga?

Your successful yoga business might be just one weeked away!
- Alexey Sokolovskiy

2-days workshop that covers:

Mentoring and Leadership bootcamp
How to gain students' trust and actually help people achieve theire goals, visibly improve their health & wellbeing?
Tips to inspire, not just demonstrate or "teach"
Nowadays, nobody comes to a Yoga class to be "taugh Yoga". How to lead enjoyable and empowring classes?
Physical excersise mechanics in a nutshell
Get to know how exactly your students' muscles, joints and lungs work during a Yoga class
Tribe building
How to make your first-time visitors to buy your 6\12 month package? How to build not just a client base but your faithful Yoga tribe?
A 'lil bit of Yoga magic
How to make all those Chakras, Pranas, Mantras and Kundalini energy actually work?
Online Yoga & marketing tips
Advertising and marketing yoga courses and yoga classes online. Sales funnels for Yoga teachers. Basics of working with Zoom\Udemy\Teachable\IG\FB.
For the future generation of Yogis:
Learn how to teach yoga smart, not hard
For the fittest
If you practiced yoga for at least 1 year, or are strong a flexible due to doing sports
For the young and healthy
- If you are 18-45 years old and don't have serious illnesses that impede your ability to do sports
For the open-minded
If you speak reasonably well English and are not shy to talk to strangers (in your future class)
For those how love to learn and work
If you are ready to soak up all the key points to teaching yoga during 2 intensive sessions 6 hours each over two consecutive days
For those who tailor silver:
Bring your welness-related business to the next level
For execs and GMs
- If you represent an established business related to yoga, fitness or hospitality or are willing to open your own yoga center \ implement yoga session in your hotel or fitness studio.
For those how want to expand
- If you understand that having at least one (better 2-3) yoga teachers in a hotel, spa, or detox center setting dramatically increases its percieved value to your guests\customers
For savers\achievers
- If you want to save money on staff certification\continuing education and don't want to disturb yoga classes schedule at your place sending your staff member to India or another location for a full 30-days YTTC course
For collegues\friends
If you're thinkg about sending more than 1 person for this educational\certification workshop - I've discount for you! Same if you with to bring along a friend\ collegue!
--CERTIFICATION EXAM for Yoga Teacher 200\500 hours certificate:

* will be held online in real time during this 2 days workshop
* will test examinee's general fitness only (with plenty of time to hone your Yoga skills later)
* during the exam a student will be asked to do 4 intermediate level yoga Asanas such as Paschimottanasana, Halasana, Ardhamatsyendrasana and Sarvangasana to evaluate the student's ability to demonstate Yoga asanas. A student will be given 3 attempts at each asana. As in my experience with upward of 200 exams, more than 93% of students don't even need their 2nd and 3rd attempts.
* will be fun and an awesome activity\photoop for the majority of students. (This exam is not so tough.)
WHAT IS INCLUDED in the course fare:

1/ 12 hours online group workshop training with experienced Yoga Master

2/ Take-away e-Manual and exclusive access to our web resources in English.

As this course is done in only 2 days, it will requre self-study AFTER the workshop, which will amount to approx. 190-490 hours of learning, at your convenient pace.

All those who will pass the physical exam, can grab our extenvise YogaTeachersManual (digital copy delivered instantly at your email adress) containing:

A) Twenty ready-to-teach 1-hour yoga classes programs for an easy job start (full class programms with timetables)
B) Yoga therapy memo with info about yoga relief practices for 50 typical illnesses (checklist, in alphabetical order),
C) Memos about how to teach Hatha Yoga to people of different age groups, different personality types, and different income margins (included section about working with VIPs) (copy),
D) ~54 asanas & pranayamas Sanscrit\English glossary for your reference and further study (copy),
E) Healthy& Happy Yoga Teacher work guidelines: self-care (and yoga mat care!) tips, restorative exercises to do after work (after-class stretching videos), vocal warm-ups and excersises for yoga teachers (video).
F) Short summary of Yoga philosophy (The 6 major schools of Traditional Yoga) that makes for a good read and also a nice material for webinars\sharing sess. with your students.
G) 20+ cornerstone asanas video demos, with web reference links for further study.

3/ Guaranteed 3 tries for every asana during the certification Asana exam on the 1st or the 2nd day.

4/ Your very own ready-to-print signed Hatha Yoga Teacher certificate 200\500 hrs for those who pass the exam (all good students will get 500hrs, and those who barely passed - the 200hrs). The certificate does not have an expiry date: get it once, hold forever. It carries the graduates' name and certificate number, examiner and our Yoga Center director's (Smriti Chakravarti-Singh's) signatures, and exam date. Certificate states that such and such graduate has completed an 200\500 hours Yoga Teacher's course, well versed in Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha, successfully passed the exam and is granted the title of "Hatha Yoga Teacher". Certificate has contact info: full postal address, phone numbers, govt. license number: of our govt' licensed Yoga Center in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

*Those who didn't pass the exam even after 3 attempts will get a Certificate of Participaion. Its possible to try the exam again for a small extra charge later on, if circumstances do not allow you to do in during the workshop.

5/Guaranteed limited after-YTTC support (Q&A by email) in English for all graduates.
Grab your mat and join the next workshop near you!
The next 2-days YTTC workshop with be held
ONLINE 19-20 December 2020 (Sat, Sunday)
Book your place now (its free):
Conducted by an experienced Yoga teacher Alexey Sokolovsky from Russia:
More than 20 years of regular yoga practice.

More than 12 years of yoga teaching experience in 5 countries (Russia, Ukraine, India, Nepal, China).

Multiple 150-500 hours YTTC certificates holder.

Authorized to certify 200\500 hours Hatha yoga teachers from "Om Yoga Health Society" yoga center in Varanaasi, India (est. 10+years ago, has 2 outlets and an ashram in Varanasi), 2018.

Certified Personal trainer (fitness yoga trainer) from Academy of Bodyduilding and Fitness (Moscow, Russia, 2018).

Successful online entrepreneur, founder of GURU-LAB online yoga school with 3 comprehensive yoga teacher programmes and 10+ online yoga courses online. Courses span all levels from zero to cert.instructor. From October 2018, more then 400+ yoga teachers were taught and certified online and offline.

Author of 3 books on yoga and 650+ web publications on yoga including in the coveted Yoga Journal.

The prominent MoscowStateUniversity (MSU) graduate (2006).

Work experience includes a 6-fugure job at a major real estate company in Russia and working personally for the former Russian President D. Medvedev (in a science related Counsil).
- Should I bring my own yoga mat for practice & the exam?
Yes, please get a yoga or fitness exercise mat to this online workshop. If you dont have one, you can practice without it.
- Is your certificate "Yoga Alliance approved"?
No. Our "Om Yoga Health International" yoga center in Varanasi, India hold a valid govermnent licence by itself. We are not affiliated with "Yoga Alliance International" US-based company in any way and are not seeking to be in the future. We proudly teach (and certify instructors in) the original, legendary Indian Hatha and Raja Yoga, and separately we recognize and approve of contemporary fitness practices, not their quirky mix called "Ashtanga-yoga" in Hollywood.
- Can I use your certificate to teach Yoga in EU? In US?
Yes. Our graduates teach in various countries across the globe, from Russia to Thailand, from UAE to the USA. We never heard of any instances that our certificate was not accepted at a job interview. It works fine.
- How long you say in will take me to get certified?
Yes you've heard it right. Its takes ONLY TWO DAYS of this workshop for you to get certifed. You you've practices Hatha yoga (any style, with any teacher) for about a year now, or just phisically fit, you'll breeze through our exam. You will need to take some time (200-390 hours) later to study a wealth of resources we'll give you at graduation. You can study those materials at your own pace, with no need to come to India for that)) And of course with no one to stand behind your shoulder.
- I graduated from your workshop and have some work-related questions. Is there anybody to answer them?
Yes, sure. I will be in touch with all graduates.
Alexey A. Sokolovskiy
certified yoga teacher
founder GURU-LAB online yoga school
Authorised examiner
Om Yoga Health Society (Varanasi, UP, India)
WhatsApp: +7(926)253-7-911
Skype: solar_serfer
E-mail: kite-yoga@protonmail.com